Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Weather Report

Well its official, the Chinese are a little insane.

There came a nuclear-like explosion in the sky, my small room was illuminated with floodlight so to speak. And then a few minutes later, the heavens opened up and snowed 4 inches of snow in an hour! Yes, its official, the Chinese control the weather-which made sense, as their weather reports never fails.

With this newfound snow, I ventured to Jingshan Park, overlooking Tianamen Sq and Forbidden City, with a group of my classmates. Pretty picturesque to say the least, a little daunting climbing so many slippery stairs, but a worthwhile view, and many kodak moments.

I decided to be a little pretentious one Saturday morning and head to the Bookworm Cafe, which is exactly what it says on the tin- a warm hot chocolate, with library stack of books to slide into a snuggly sofa with. (I happen to be a little ill these past few weeks) After 4 hours, I was sufficiently glued to my seat, and getting a little hot and bothered. But it was Saturday, and I wanted to make it count- so off to another Jazz shindig thought I!

East Shore Jazz cafe was more like an American/ European style Jazz bar in the 1940s. Mauvish walls, smokey stale odour, a wine list that was an arms length long and a price to match, even a random French film "Parapluies des Cherbourgs" was hypnotically replayed throughout the night. I was about 2 hours early til Lui Can (Owner of the bar and lead saxophonist) came on with his tune-busting Jazz encore, even though it took every transport possible to get there: bus, tube, taxi and walk.

So by the time they came on, I was already swaying, feeling like my stomach was about to reveal all its contents. Reading 'Lolita' was probably the factor that pushed me over the sickness barrier. But the music was awesome, the quartet were absolute genius, very simple; but classy. They were overlooked by various Jazz memorabilia, Miles Davis, BB King were all there onlooking the Beijing talents. I on the otherhand survived an hour, and crawled for a taxi home!

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