Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Out in the Mongols...

Now comes the clincher: Out of sheer boredom, and desperate to make the most of my holidays-where do I decide to go?? Mongolia!!!! The craziest trip on earth consisted of: 11 girls in a 10 people broken down minivan; a night in -1C sleeping in a Yurt with 3 other people despite only have enough bedding for 3 people; a huge open ditch with old human waste for a women's toilet; Drunken Chinese kareoke: a so-called bonfire that was a small fire in a bin:;horse-riding in the grasslands; camel riding in the desert as well as 300 foot sand slide, and motor quad racing (which I was driving haha); being ripped off like nobody; and a rave in the middle of the desert. AWESOME. And completely mental! I made it back in one piece, all thanks to something called Bai Jiu, a poisonous spirit drink that tastes like bleach and good for cleaning toilets but keeps you incredibly warm. I will never drink again. Promise hehe.

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