Saturday, 6 February 2010

Random Musical Soirees

I spent last night at D-22, an avant garde bar, with the craziest live music. A whole bunch of pretentious music connoiseurs sit and nod, whilst listening to so-called progressive music aka 3 Chinese men, an electro-keyboard, a Chinese guitar like instrument and an acoustic guitar played like a 5-year old, tonking on the strings. In the background, a huge screen of random flashing lights, and what seemed to be an Egyptian Pharoah-like women, just hanging about within the light strobe circle screen. They also happened to be called Random K(E), not sure what the K(E) was about though. Strange indeed. Then came the 'foreigners,' supposedly more advanced in their knowledge of music. But turned out to be almost a duplicate of the Chinese band. Hmmm, I think I will give progressive music a miss.

The owner was an equally pretentious 45-year old American guy, who ummed and ahhed at the music. As he swirled a glass of red wine behind his bar, he boasted moronically, "my family are into Classical music, I prefer Bach then Wagner." Like I even cared. I think he was trying to relive his youth through the young people that entered his bar, being half his age. HAHA

After the adventures to Bar D-22, I tried the place right next to it! Did my eyes deceive me or was I standing in front of a Chinese Metal Bar!! For all those who know my passion about the genre, bear with me :) It was hilarious to say the least. Club 13 consisted of Emo-style- growling- Chinese- McFly- looking- men, as well as an absolutely mental moshpit where at one point there was a man lying on the floor, staring into space for 2 minutes after being thrown across the room. Then came 'Magic Mama,' which really did not sound like a metal band. The buildup was hardcore, actual curtains with a powerpoint presentation which included random cheesy pictures of the band, and how 'amazing' they were. Then the music started. Screeching emo, mixed with ska with a hint of Beijing Pop. Yikes. Then the diva blonde haired lead singer, stopped and the fun started. 'I would like to sing Happy Birthday to my mother,' the sing-a-long started, and then the tears came-'may I have a tissue' was his reply to the audience. Lordy-lord.

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