Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Colossal China

Did the main sites of Beijing: Temple of Heaven Park, climbed another mountain named Fragrant Hills, with alot of puffing and panting involved of course, but views are amazing.

Okay, the best bits were: climbing the GREAT WALL OF CHINA like a nonce, running around with an Indian scarf pretending to be in a bollywood film, yep I officially desecrated the beauty and amazement of the site. It is as amazing as they say, absolutely (not using the word 'great) colossal, you can see it on all the peaks of the other mountains, absolutely Lord of the Rings styley!

Then conveniently my memory card decided to malfunction and lose all my pictures- all 600 of them. I then had to pay for it to get smashed and put on to CD. On the upside, my pictures are restored and I finally have my tuition fee money back after 2 months of bugging several banks across the Globe.

And of course my random night music soirees. Listening to Jazz version of Elvis 'Blue Suede Shoes' by Chinese people- Awesome, they totally did not massacre it thankfully in a club called Hot Cat where we played Jenga and Foosball and ate yummy cake! Then the other mammoth of a place- supposedly a complex with the biggest TV screen in the world- stretching for miles aka an entire roof of a shopping complex whilst listening to my beloved Gypsy Jazz music. Not to mention the infamous Halloween shindig; it's 0 C, and it is snowing in the midst of Beijing's Fetish scene. Yep all 3 inches of snow. Insane.

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