Tuesday, 9 February 2010

At the Drive-In

One of my stranger moments was going to a place called 2 Kolegas, a music venue in the middle of a woodland forest/ Drive- in cinema. Confused? So was I! Thankfully it wasn't open-air so I didn't freeze to death in 0 C, but it was in a very suave wooden venue, equipped with (once again) pretentious expat crowd and very strange bands...

First was a Beijing Indie outfit, normal enough pretty standard. Then came the strange folk mish mash band. There must have been about 7 people. Nothing special: except for the music maestro- a metalhead looking man, who switched from the Banjo to playing a Saxamaphone (yep I said it) to a flute. Woohoo! Then the middle-aged hippy woman playing the drums. Craziness....

But it was the finale that wasn't featured on the band list that stood out. The owners band had a jamming session til the wee hours in the morning. He played funk guitar, the Spanish bassist played slap bass at lightening speed and the European drummer, completed the trio. And then came the barman...yes you heard me. A completely loco barman jumped on to stage to literally make love to the instruments, specifically the bass guitar and the bassist, who almost fell off the stage in the process. I wasn't sure if he was drunk, or he had just escaped an asylum, but he went at it- even growling 'Hit me baby one more time (Britney)' to the jamming music.

The music was awesome, he was hilarious but unfortunately he ended the session as the band grew weary having to cater to his growling singing for 15mins.

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