Thursday, 4 February 2010

Recovering From Flu

Now, food is amazing here, about a 100 times better then we expected it to be. No doubt there are some unusual ones, but so far its been hard to spot. Only, after a while, the grease starts to clog in the arteries, and to put it politely, the food is a bit of heart attack on a plate, especially prices at 50p a dish!!

On the upside, today I took a more or less deep breath and ventured out today. I got on the subway and headed towards the Olympic Park village, which I would like to say is BEAUTIFUL.

I spent two hours dazing in the gorgeous sun, next to the lake, with a picturesque mountain behind my back shading the light. Ideal conditions for drawing, so that was exactly what I did! Passers-by made sweet conversation with me, even sat down to admire what I was doing. Many a compliment was given, whilst I tried to slam down my big head :-). Will give you the links to photos when I upload some.

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