Tuesday, 4 May 2010

New York: In Five Days- Day 2

Day Two

Another early rising, head to Lower Manhattan (Bowling Green/ Cortlandt Street) to take a free ride to Staten Island and call in on the actual first lady of America, Ms. Statue of Liberty. Here you have a choice to take the entire tour; go up to the top of the statue and visit the museum; or if you are exceedingly frozen, head back for the next boat. Here you can take a train in the other direction to go over the Brooklyn Bridge (as I did by mistake) or venture through Lower Manhattan. Time to grab some lunch!

As I wasn’t as smart as I should have been and my toes became increasingly frostbitten, this was a perfect opportunity for me to visit Macy’s and buy some suitable foot attire. Now, this being a few days before Christmas- mayhem was an understatement.

After I managed to pry myself out of the labyrinth of a department store, I headed back to Lower Manhattan: first stop, Trinity Church. Everything being a short distance from each other, it is a gentle stroll towards ‘Ground Zero,’ a moment to reflect with the various dedications and memorials beside it. From there, it is easy to head down to Southend Historic Seaport.

With quaint little shops lining the sides of the port, it is quite picturesque; catching the evening glow in the water.

At this point, as I did take the dip into couch surfing, my wonderful host took me out to a party in Queen’s side. Just another reason to try something different!

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