Tuesday, 4 May 2010

New York: In Five Days- Day 5

Day Five

With only a few hours to go to catch my flight, a nice way to round off the trip is at the Museum of Natural History. Ranging from the prehistoric period to modern Space and Science, the museum gives an all-round viewing of the wonders of the Natural world. And to eat a cheap hotdog on the steps across Central Park, ideal way to watch New York life go by.

Just a tip:

• If you are couch surfing, it is always a pleasant gesture to give a ‘thank you’ card, even if it doesn’t go to plan and the chemistry doesn’t quite work.

• Travel light. It is always a hassle lugging around masses of luggage with you if you are for the majority, travelling by subway and walking.

• Feel free to ask for directions if you get lost. Despite the fast pace, people are friendly to help you out. Carrying a map is always handy, even if it’s just the guidebook.

• Budget- a major problem in New York as things does not come cheap! Carry a small notebook to jot expenses if needs be.

• Preserve your energy! (Now being like a mum) eat regularly, sleep well and drink plenty of water if you are walking excessively.

• Most of all, just enjoy it- New York is electric and just a wonderful place to spend a few days!

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