Tuesday, 4 May 2010

New York: In Five Days- Day 4

Day Four

Viewing the spectacular horizon of New York from the Empire State building is a revitalizing breath of fresh air for an early morning. With the structure currently towering at an impressive 1,250 feet (381m), it is without a doubt the tallest building in the New York skyline.

A slightly lazy walkabout the area, remembering to dine at some point- is a wonderful way to spot some big places of interest such as Madison Square Gardens. If you are lucky enough to be there at Sport season, then watching a game in all its glory is a definite must! Unfortunately, December isn’t the peak time for the NBA, but getting tickets from $10 (restricted viewing) is available!

Instead I went to check out MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) with what I would have to say the most extensive and varied amount of works that I have seen to this day. From Picasso, Francis Bacon and Dali to Cezanne and Lictenstein, a hundred years of art were all displayed in all its splendour. The focal point would have to be the relaxing nucleus of the museum, with hypnotic giant screens and music and equally comfortable sofas.

Just around the corner is the climax of it all. Finally, the time has come to view the incredible but cheesy Radio City Christmas Bonanza. It officially was the most jam-packed show, from 3D scenes to Santa Claus, Jesus Christ, a bus full of the can-canning Rockettes and the Nutcracker. It felt like watching several theatres in one go, and the alluring lights were enough to keep both parent and child hooked from start to finish.

Exiting Radio City, leads you directly opposite- you guessed it- Home Alone 2’s famous Rockafeller Christmas Tree and Ice rink. Exactly pictured in the film, the tree is a magnificent 75 to 90 feet tall and is annually erected in late November. The tradition began during the Depression-era construction of Rockefeller Centre, when workers decorated a small balsam fir tree with "strings of cranberries, garlands of paper, and even a few tin cans" on Christmas Eve, 1931, and has continued ever since.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral stands opposite the Rockafeller Centre, a poignant way to reflect for a moment and light a candle within the historic, magnificent cathedral.

As my partner is a devout NBA fan, a trip to the NBA Store was a good way of satisfying someone’s basketball passion as well as buying a souvenir- Sorted.

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