Tuesday, 4 May 2010

New York: In Five Days- Day 3

Day Three

Spending your morning at Broadway, why not check out the local I Love NY Tourism Office. This place is a chic, helpful way to find out information about the city, and you can even buy tickets for various sights ie. Empire State Building, saving you hours of queuing time at 9 in the morning. They were fantastic for providing me key local knowledge aka places to catch some New York Jazz without being 21 and over (as I was 20 at the time.) Name, address and phone number was at hand to prepare me for the night.

Broadway is great for leading you straight back to midtown Manhattan, giving you the time to walk around and explore the glitz of the show business skyline. Now it is time for an early lunch across the road, giving you some leeway to proceed for an afternoon Carnegie Hall show.

With its epic interior, the Carnegie Hall exemplifies music at its best. The acoustics are perfect in amplifying the glorious music performed there. It was a class performance of Handel’s Messiah by New York’s Philharmonic Orchestra.

After that classic afternoon, a little walk through the illuminations of 5th Avenue and 42nd Street is a perfect way to soak in the vibrant atmosphere. From Times Square, Bryant Park and Grand Central to Chrysler building; you can catch a range of sights. Bryant Park is a perfect vision over the festive period; charming markets and ice-skating galore is enough to bubble your Christmas joy. But the highlight of the evening was Cleopatra’s Needle, a Jazz and Blues restaurant and bar with raw talent at its front.

Over some red wine and Italian cuisine, melt into the sounds of 1950s jazz and warm, fluid voices. With local talents dotted throughout the small vicinity; it was glorious to see the manager ask the maestros join in with the magic hands of the eclectic pianist (especially exciting for those under 21!)

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