Tuesday, 7 June 2011

So This Is It Saigon: Vietnam

Accommodation: Kim Ngan Guesthouse, $12 a night private ensuite

Bus: Same Travel Pass, 27 hours

Places to Visit:
  • Cu Chi Tunnels
  • My Tho & Ben Tre Delta
  • Reunification Palace
  • War Remnants Museum
Then came the crazy 28 hour bus ride down to Ho Chi minh (Saigon). It was a definite, that I was not going to sleep for a while after New Years. Ahh how I miss sleep. We stopped off at every major city along the way, so enough time to pee at a restaurant in every place. Nha Trang was the only city where I managed to catch a beautiful beach on an early morning rise. It was pretty quiet still, and the water swayed around the sand and the green mountains. It made the journey worthwhile, well almost.

Reaching in the night meant I had to wait for the morning to venture out. Although I did manage to walk about and get lost within 10 minutes leaving my hotel, duh. The hotel was awesome, so I had to move on my last night to another room, but it didn't stop the sweet grandmother owner to give me free drinks all day! So I headed to My Tho and Ben Tre the next day, two islands on the Mekong delta. It was day to be dragged around like a sheep, which was fantastic as we went to a coconut factory, ate some yummy candy, had some pure honey tea at the Bee farm, and I even held a python eek!! And then took a leisurely canal ride through the tropics, absolutely fabulous, can't complain.

The next day I shot an AK47, a military rifle...as you do in Vietnam. Damn loud contraptions...then to end the day I went to the War Remnants Museum- a reminder why not to shoot an AK47. It was a stomach hurling experience, taking photos of only the appropriate displays; just to give you an idea why not to stock this in your camera- there were real-life deformed human foetuses in jars on display, to show the affects of chemical bombs. Yep, yikes.

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